Come and visit our brand-new facility located in historic Gastown; Vancouver, Canada. We now offer fully equipped AVID Nexis® editing rooms and Vancouver’s first Barco 4K Laser Projection Theatre with Dolby 7.1 sound – an open-source for your colour grading, sound mixing and screening needs. The new Skylab facility is tastefully appointed with sound-proof editing rooms, reception lounge, full kitchen, handicap enabled washrooms, showers, 24/7 security, fast internet, underground parking, high ceilings and great air quality. If you’re looking for colour grading or sound mixing services, we recommend checking out our office mates at Elemental Post.
With its exceptional air quality and modern yet cozy design, working at Skylab’s facility is a pleasure. Our fully equipped AVID Media Composer® rooms run on the latest spec iMac Pro connected to secure air-gapped storage on our AVID NEXIS® Server. Additionally, each room is equipped with stereo sound monitoring, mixer, headphones and up to 3 display monitors. Ergonomic sit-stand tables, executive office chairs, recliners, sound-proofed walls, and great air flow, allow you to work tirelessly on your project without undo worry or strain.
Avid NEXIS® is the media industry’s most comprehensive and reliable shared storage solution, offering efficient, scalable storage tiering on premises and in the cloud. Optimized to accelerate media workflows, it enables teams to collaborate faster and achieve better efficiency and security across flash, online, nearline, and archive storage. It’s the storage solution the industry relies on to help them adapt to the changing needs and unpredictability of today’s media production.

Take advantage of our Netflix-approved security and air-gapped NEXIS® media server, whether your editors work physically at SKYLAB, or from a remote location. We can accommodate a variety of secure network streaming protocols, and workflows using industry standards like Sohonet ClearView Flex®, HP Remote Desktop®, or StreamBox Chroma®, allowing you to work the way you prefer.

Our Barco® 4K Laser Projection and Dolby® 7.1 screening theatre room (soon to be Atmos®) can multipurpose as your sound mixing
or colour grading theatre, or simply as your own screening room to check out a recent cut from your Avid timeline.

With today’s travel restrictions, you may not be able to easily pop across a border to sit in on a sound mix or a color grade happening at your home post production base. 

At SKYLAB, we can accommodate your remote working requirements through any industry standard encrypted network connection tool; be it Sohonet ClearView Flex®, HP Remote Desktop®, or StreamBox Chroma® – whatever you prefer. 

Stream a color grade from your remote facility for your local BC production execs onto our new 4K Barco® Laser Projector, or approve your final mix in our Dolby® certified theatre while the actual mixer works in LA, NY or anywhere else in the world. 

Your editors can work remotely, whilst gaining all the benefits of our air-gapped Avid NEXIS® servers, as they drive their Avid Media Composer® session from afar. Your director and producer can even attend locally, enjoying a high quality picture and sound experience, as if they were in the same room with your editor, while sitting comfortably in one of our many beautifully appointed editing suites.

At SKYLAB, we work the way that you want to work.
Although Skylab is no longer offering colour grading and DCPs, we share our space with one of the best boutique post-production houses in Vancouver; Elemental Post. Elemental offers services for many of your deliverables from colour grading, sound mixing and DCP packages – all under one roof. Feel free to contact them at elementalpost.com